As the old story begins, I am told I was born, Ntsane in the Lepholisa family located in the village of Tsikoane in the northern district of Leribe Lesotho. Being born in a catholic family, I was later baptized Reginald at St. Monica's Catholic Mission in Leribe.

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Basic Education

Primary School: Tsikoane St. Gerald, Leribe Middle to High School: St. Agnes High School, Berea

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Short Break

The normal waiting period between High School and tertiary education. I took this time to live in the mountains of Lesotho working at a forestry ministry to plant and grow trees in nursery and to build water catchment systems from Ha Makunyapane, Tlokoeng to Katse.

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College Undergraduate

Bachelor of Arts (Honors): I began Studies as a freshman at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Maseru, Lesotho. a period that will last 6 years inclusive of two gap years in industry.

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Professional Development 2010 - 2012

Gap years from undergraduate studies to pursue entrepreneurship ventures and to develop industrial skills

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Graduate Studies

Enrolled and completed Master of Business Administration while concurrently running and operating an ecommerce development company and registering the very first company outside Lesotho.

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PhD Research Degree

At the height of Covid19, with businesses around the world having come to a stand still, it became apparent to enroll for and begin doctoral level research and after acceptance into candidacy continued to lead enterprises in commerce, digital payments and logistcs

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Executive Leadership

I'm leading enterprises engaged in international trade, and remain a consultant in digital economy development, SME Digitization and internationalization drawing from experiences across the US and China gained as a young professional with executive training for over a decade. My schedule revolves around boardrooms, trade expos, research seminars, fintech and startup communities.

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