During this period; I worked part-time in Thaba-Tseka, a remote district in the highlands of Lesotho in the Ministry of Forestry and Land Reclamation. The very first, experience and spark of entrepreneurship began here. I worked in a nursery where we grew and cared for tree seedling. I got to interact with entrepreneurs who grew these seedling and sold it to the government under the then Minister of Forestry Hon. Ralechate 'Mokose. 

Second invitation came from one uncle, Tjonane Matla who ran a national tabloid, Mohala oa Ntsu. I joined the very first media organisation around June, 2008 two months before I could begin my tertiary education. This is where, my first design skills, communication and journalism skills were horned in a very charging environment, and a bullish political media publication. Politics become more of a common subject at this time in my life. I jumped from a mere observer to an active participant from many fronts.