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From, Tsikoane Village in Leribe Lesotho, Southern Africa; I am Ntsane Reginald, a public servant, a social entrepreneur and a general management professional with key mastery and academic background in International Business, E-commerce, E-retail, Integrated Fintech Applications and Inclusive Payments.

I have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree from Zhejiang Normal University in The People's Republic of China and a continuing PhD researcher in Higher Education. I have also co-authored a published paper in Aid and Investment. I have research interests in International Development Assistance, Financing for Development and Partnerships for Development. Other topics of interest include; Securitization and Financial Engineering (MBA Thesis concentration), and Fintech. I am a US Exchange Alumnus and a former Inaugural Mandela Washington Fellow in Young African Leaders Initiative - YALI I am a founder of a registered CSO; Youth Entrepreneurship Development Agency in Lesotho. The agency serves as a policy advocacy for youth economic development in Lesotho. I have an academic background in Visual Communication, and I have previously founded and managed startup companies in Advertising and Media Publishing. I also have had age-commensurate experiences working in Private and Public Sectors including a financial institution, and a Development Planning Ministry.  I have had executive leadership development training through placements at Microsoft South Africa - dealing with citizenship implementation partners for Microsoft and Transfast LLC in Wall Street NYC - US working and reporting on migration and remittance patterns within Africa and identifying remittances payment networks in specific regions.


As the old story begins, I am told I was born, Ntsane in the Lepholisa family located in the village of Tsikoane in the northern district of Leribe Lesotho. Being born in a catholic family, I was later baptized Reginald at St. Monica's Catholic Mission in Leribe.

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Primary School: Tsikoane St. Gerald, Leribe Middle to High School: St. Agnes High School, Berea

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The normal waiting period between High School and tertiary education.

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Bachelor of Arts (Honors): I began Studies as a freshman at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, a Malaysian institution which set up a new international campus in Maseru, Lesotho.

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GAP YEARS 2010 - 2012

A turning point from falling off a cliff in tertiary to becoming a steadfast entrepreneur and an entrepreneurship activist

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Back at it again: I went back to Limkokwing University to finish up my bachelor's program. Then, I continued my work in Business Council with ample of industry experience.

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Finally, 6 years later, the program was done. It was time for celebration. But...

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I began to work for different companies while maintaining passive role in my startups: Metropolitan Lesotho was the first through a university placement.

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TODAY: Graduate Studies

I began Graduate studies in the People's Republic of China. I am pursuing an International Master of Business Administration (iMBA). The first half (academics), of two years is complete. It is time for research.

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The Healthy Turn From Aid to Investment: Can Investment Act as Plan B for Aid?

Abstract: In spite of the best of intentions, trillions of dollars in Western overseas aid have failed to pull Africa out of poverty — much less put the continent on a development trajectory similar to the one several Asian and Latin American nations have successfully followed for decades. This paper examines the current issues that distract the impact of development assistance in the recipient countries. Previous studies on aid conclude that aid should come to a halt and therefore, we explore current aid administration models and then propose new conversion models which may turn development assistance to pure investment. After highlighting current key impediments to aid effectiveness, we bring to light and propose new conversion framework. Through the descriptive analysis of current trends by major donors, we come up with the propositions about this phenomenon hence putting forth the argument that investment can replace the role of aid and open a leeway for development researchers to make scientific models of operation. Keywords: Aid, Aid conversion, Finance, Investment, Social Equity Funds

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