During my time off school, I spent almost the entire 2010 with depression, and a very bleak future which I had almost tried to avoid my entire life. A shuttered career, and prolonged business and consulting dry season (who want's to consult a drop-out? I thought). 

Even the only family member then took almost forever to make even a $100 payment in services which made all the difference then. A very dark time while in Africa, it was a very happy time with the Soccer world cup going on.

  • But, it was also during this time when all the mourning of  a dead career ended, that I shifted mindset. I couldn't afford to see anymore the faces of my then colleagues. It was time to get up. The looks of my brothers, my mum and everyone around me and the trials all made the difference needed to put on a fierce fighting spirit.
  • I had registered an advertising agency, I had pretty comprehensible communication skills from my leadership roles, and I had technical skills in advertising. I hit the road crabbed a couple of clients and literally took off. I had a student debt to pay and a tuition remaining.
  • By the fall of 2012, I had greatly recovered. In fact, I had build enough network to venture into something else. 
  • I paid my way back into tertiary to finish what I had started, but it was nothing compared to what I had in store: My team and I published the very first International Broadsheet business publication that would profile the very first IPO in Lesotho. They become our first advertiser. The paper would have a spectacular failure few months later! I had put everything in that startup! Great lessons learned at the time.